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We put together hampers to bring smiles to children’s and people’s faces.

If you are interested in volunteering and/or donating, get in touch with us.

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Who We Are

Omis Hamper and Pantry Inc. in Winnipeg, Manitoba was founded by Nicole Jung and officially launched in January 2021. Nicole has a passion for helping people and has been working with homeless individuals for more than 20 years.

Founder/Directors story

‘I had my first baby at 17. I was not in anyway financially prepared. However I gave up things I needed to buy her gifts, celebrate holidays and birthdays. That did cause stress at times we should have been happy and celebrating only, bills did not get paid.

Choosing between my child and bills was difficult to say the least. We all say bills first but when it is infront of you knowing your children will go to school and have nothing to tell about their birthday was heartbreaking.

I had more children and did continue to struggle. I so desperately wanted to give them the world but could not even afford a cake. Eventually I found a good path financially, got an education. The stress of birthdays and holidays was gone. I could pay all my bills and celebrate holidays and birthday without the struggle. I felt so empowered. I have 5 beautiful children and 7 fabulous grandchildren. Life is amazing!

So here is Omis Hamper and Pantry Inc., hoping we can lessen the stress and bring on the celebration!! Love Kindness and compassion above all else! Let's empower families!’

Meet Our Team


[email protected]

‘I am the director of Omis Hamper and Pantry Inc., I started this because I know all to well how important it is to be able to celebrate our childrens birthdays and holidays, yet at times the financial stress of these can be extreme. i wanted to help families love the holidays again and look forward to birthdays without the worry of how they are going to financially manage it.

We give with love, kindness and compassion, no matter race, religion or sexual orientation, everyone is equal!’


[email protected]

‘Hi my name is Tracy Allan-Settee, I am the volunteer coordinator for Omis Hamper and Pantry Inc. I’ve been married almost 21 years (to a long hauler) and have three grown children (two are out of home).

Having some free time, I recently went searching for somewhere to volunteer and Nikki’s name popped up on Facebook and since then I’ve been helping pick up donations and dropping off hampers including birthday ones. It’s such a good feeling helping others I’m so glad I found Omis Hamper and Pantry Inc.’


[email protected]

Hi my name is Theressa, I am the assistant director of Omis Hamper and Pantry Inc. My mom started this amazing thing and I needed to be a part of it. I’m a photographer and love showing people the beauty in the world! It’s amazing to support a cause that focuses on helping others and spreading love.’ 


‘Hi my name is Sherry Shorting I am the Treasurer for Omis Hamper and Pantry Inc. I had come across the facebook page as I was scrolling through, I seen there was a call for a board of Directors and I thought what a great opportunity to be involved in such a great capacity.

I love hockey and football CFL and NFL, love to take pictures as an amateur and love exploring our beautiful province. I don't think there is a greater feeling than seeing the happiness and excitement of the recipients who receive the greatness we deliver to them.’

‘You have not lived today until you have done something for someone who can never repay you.’

- John Bunyan

Our Programs